“Strict” dress code for female students sparks social media outrage in Oman

Hours after College of Applied Sciences, Nizwa, has allegedly issued a circular on a “cultural” and “Islamic” dress code for female students, social media activists in Oman have expressed concern about the new rules.

The list, which is doing rounds on social media includes six rules meant only for female students at the college.

1- Students should wear decent dresses (black Abaya).
2- The abaya should not be tight or include flashy designs and colours.
3- The abaya bottom should be zipped. if not, the student must wear something decent bellow. Wrists must be covered too.
4- Students are not allowed to “overuse” cosmetics.
5- Students hair should be fully covered.
6- In general, female students must look decent at all times inside the campus and during official visits, activities and events held by the college.

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