Social media superheroes fight breast cancer in Oman

Muscat: Awareness is crucial for early detection and cure of cancer. This was the message during the 12th edition of Oman Cancer Association’s annual walkathon.

Showing support for the event, hundreds of Omanis turned up to take part in the walkathon at the Qurum National Park on Tuesday evening, which was based on the theme, “Don’t wait until it’s too late”. .

The walkathon was aimed at raising awareness about cancer.

Entitled, “Cancer Avengers”, scores of influential Omani social media icons also joined the awareness campaign.

Dr Abdul Munim bin Mansour Al Hasani, Minister of Information, and patron of the event, said that it’s vital to raise awareness about cancer through the media, not only in Oman but across the world.

“The two-kilometre symbolic walkathon aims to support cancer survivors, remembering victims of this gruesome disease and introducing the concept of cancer among children,” said cancer survivor Yuthar Al Rawahi, who is also the chairperson of Oman Cancer Association.

She made these remarks during her introductory address before asking the audience to observe one minute of silence for the victims of cancer.

“Breast cancer is the number one killer among women in Oman”, said Dr. Wahid Al Kharusi, vice president of the Oman Cancer Association, while stressing the need to make sure that all women get tested for the disease as a late diagnoses could lead to a tragic ending.

The association noted that more patients are now attending hospitals, with early stages of cancer, which have managed to be completely treated.

“There is no good cancer, that is why many people look at it as a stigma, but thanks to this walkathon, which attracted more than 9,000 people, I believe that society can actually change the way we look at this disease”, said Darren Shortt, a radio announcer, who hosted the event.

Food and water were served among all participants as children enjoyed many activities, including the use of a play area, music and a photo booth.

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