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Omani invention to control cooking gas cylinders via mobile app

Muscat: Students of the Higher College of Technology (HCT) have launched a state-of-the-art safety device making working conditions in kitchens safer by controlling cooking gas cylinder wirelessly via a smartphone application.

The device facilitates detection of gas leakage.

“We named it ‘Shield’ to showcase its ability to protect homes from any possible gas leakage from cylinders that may lead to fire incidents,” said HCT student Al Hussain Al Farei during a ceremony to launch the device at Delmon hotel.

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‘Shield’ integrates three features which can be utilised by a smartphone app. It includes an alarm attached to an (open-close) widget that controls the flow of gas.

This feature reminds the user to shut off the valve when not using gas, as it ensures usage of gas for cooking purpose only, thus reducing the dangers of any gas leakage.

The Omani invention serves as the first line of defence against fire incidents. It sends a warning notification to the user before any blaze may occur. In case of any hazardous leak, the device automatically notifies the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance.

Fraud protection

Consumers can also benefit from the device by protecting themselves from fraud when replacing a gas cylinder as it detects the volume of gas inside the new cylinder.

This feature helps avoid running out of cooking gas by notifying the user through the app.

Impact, the student-run company, is made up of five departments and supervised by Executive Manager Marwa Al Hanai who decided to tackle this issue after a series of home fire incidents in different parts of the Sultanate.

“Scores of properties in Oman have been destroyed due to lack of kitchen safety. I think that it is our responsibility as inventors to introduce a simple and practical solution to the save the society from human and economic losses” said Al Hanai while adding that this technology can reduce chances of fire by 70%.

“Our company’s vision is to be a global leader in the industrial security sector to achieve high safety measures in all housing units in the world,” added Al Farei.

Impact Inc., well known for its concern about safety, recently organized a workshop on ‘Fire and ways to combat it,’ presented by Badr , a lecturer at the Faculty of Fire and Safety.

On August 11, it also cooperated with the Consumer Protection Board to impose its products and reduce fraud.

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