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Buy ‘Gharsah’ in Oman, get rid of plant watering woes

Muscat: Students at the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) have crafted a self-watering device to keep plants alive and healthy without having to water them daily.

The product, named ‘Gharsah’ is a bowl that contains a pot, which absorbs water through tiny holes that can reach the plant’s roots, depending on the plant’s need for water.

The invention reduces the amount of water used by applying a sub-irrigation technique, which provides 100 per cent efficiency in watering the plant. Marketing Director, Maher Al Hanai added that the device is available for sale at OMR7, including the plant and can be ordered online.

Gardeners can now leave their plants for days and be at peace knowing the plants will survive. However, the product can only be used for indoor plants that consume moderate amounts of water.

Gharsah is one of the many student-run companies that participated last month in the Sharikati 2015 exhibition held at the Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Centre.

Many Omani inventions were introduced at the exhibition, which drew hundreds of visitors and officials, in a bid to promote small and medium enterprises.

Since September, the team has been promoting the invention at several exhibitions and centres across Oman, including at the Muscat Grand Mall and the Oman International Exhibition Centre.

The company also recently introduced a new set of pots and plants, which are available for sale. The products are being sold through social media marketing.

Gharsah is also live on different social media channels at @ghrsah_com and is followed by 455 people on Instagram and 303 on Twitter till date.

Eureka, a student-run company, won the grand prize OMR5,000 for their environment- friendly inventions.

The winners of Sharikati 2015 have invented a shoe that transforms kinetic energy to electric energy, which can be utilised to recharge mobile phones through a USB cable.

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