German TV series to highlight Oman’s science and technology 

Hassan Shaban

December 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Science lovers in Oman are on a date with a new season ofSciTech: ‘The World of Tomorrow’, a documentary of 12 episodes which is expected to be aired on Oman TV in spring 2015.

The upcoming TV series, now in its fourth season, aims at introducing young people to science issues that matter to Omanis.
According to Ole Elfenkämper, SciTech editor, the documentary sheds light on a number of scientific subjects in Oman including beekeeping, the Arabian Leopard, Parkinson’s disease research and more.

“Each episode will have different film segments, from Oman and Germany,” says Ole, who has been filming in Oman with his crew for a whole month.

The documentary, which is going to be broadcast in the Arabic language, was filmed in collaboration with Hanifa Al Abri, a TV presenter and other local talents.

Inspiring Omani youth

“I believe that the series will inspire the Omani youth to do more research in the fields of sustainability and urban planning for a better future of this country,” said Hanifa, who is currently hosting the (Al Baraka Feekum) talk show.

In the hope of filming the Arabian leopard, the German TV crew followed rangers in Dhofar Governorate for two days to showcase their efforts to prevent the extinction of this rare animal.
“From the down-to-earth people in the south, to the modern capital and its opportunities, this country is definitely special,” said Ole Elfenkämper, SciTech editor.
Moreover, the show highlights the fruits and plants in Oman by showcasing a research station in Dhofar and the botanical garden.
Asked about his experience in Oman, Ole said that the nature, diversity of the country and the openness of the people he met along the way made this trip a success.

“Filming in Oman gave me the feeling of having the right job – and wanting to go back to Oman for more,” said Daniel, the cameraman of the SciTech crew.

“Shooting a science magazine gives you the opportunity to learn so much about a country, visit places and meet people you never would have met as a tourist,” he said.

Katherine, who was filming in Oman for the third time, shared some of her unforgettable moments in Wadi Bani Auf on her second day in the Sultanate, where she, along with her team, headed for the mountains to film the beekeeping process.

“We were invited for lunch with a family that owned the bees and they prepared the most delicious food we could imagine,” she said.

“I was touched by the heartfelt hospitality of the family and that they treated us as one of them. This experience marked a great start for our four-week trip through Oman and I am looking forward to meeting more such interesting people in 2015 for another season of SciTech,” she said.

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